Saturday, February 27, 2010

a hiatus...

i'm travelling and trying to save up money to purchase the 4 track i had to give back to my old roommate. as soon as i get money to purchase it i'll have more live recordings to upload.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Damn was my hand tired after recording this show, I did two interviews afterword too. The show started with AXEMAN, a new Amebix and black metal influenced band featuring members of Volahn and Ashdautas. The recording was a bit blown out so I'm not posting that one

KRUEL is an awesome local d-beat band from Cudahy with Spanish lyrics, similar to Framtid and Riistetyt. So far I think they only have a demo cassette.

RAYOS X is very energetic and sounds like spanish and latino punk from the late 70's/early 80's (think Eskorbuto), they've been catching good reviews for their demo tape. Contact
Silenzio Statico or LA Raw Ponx for release info.

I skipped recording TUBERCULOSIS cause i already got a really good recording two weeks before. And during VAKRAANT's set I accidentally stopped the recorder and didn't notice till half way thru (I blame the whiskey).

DEAD NOISE is straight Disorder and Gloom worship from Montebello, raw and noisy as fuck. Only one split EP I believe. They're going on their first tour this week.

NERVESKADE (Portland) has toured the coast several times playing Disorder-style noise punk but with way faster drums that remind me of Heresy's first EP. They've got a demo tape, Acid Attack 7" (Whisper in Darkness) and an upcoming 12".

Then finally we have
D-CLONE from Konton, Japan who topped off the night with more walls of distortion and over-the-top vocals. It was their first U.S. tour.

TUBERCULOSIS - live in L.A. 10/4/09

Raw ponks TUBERCULOSIS, from south central L.A. have released a demo cassette (which has grown pretty popular in zines i've read) and I believe has an EP coming soon. They remind me a lot of old Spanish punk like MG-15. I recorded this at a venue in Lynwood where they played with Complications (Montreal).

Monday, November 23, 2009

no posts for a while

i've got like 9 bands' sets to upload but no proper internet connection (thats why it's been months). hopefully i'll be able to throw shit up soon. i've got wartrash, till death, rayos x, tuberculosis, d-clone, nerveskadde, dead noise, etc etc etc.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BLACK UNIFORMS - Faces of Death LP

I uploaded this cause I've had a hell of a time finding this online anywhere. BLACK UNIFORMS from Sweden released this one LP and a few demos but most of us have only seen the collection Splatter Punx on Acid (an almost complete discography) which is far easier to come by. It contains most of this LP but some tracks were replaced with alternate versions (demo or unreleased) and so on.

for fans of: Varukers, Broken Bones, Anti-Cimex, GBH.
1. Sacrifice
2. City of the Dead
3. Do U Conform
4. Teenage Waste
5. Acid Punk
6. Trapped
7. Tio Timmar
8. CIty of the Dead 2
9. Uncut
10. Over'N'Out
11. A Good Cop is....
12. Into the Funhouse
13. Computer World

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ASYMMETRIC WARFARE - live in Long Beach 7/24/09

ASYMMETRIC WARFARE from Seattle, WA has been together for several years (with some lineup changes and a name change from KGB Suspect). A politically-active anarchist band with elements of crust, hardcore punk, and metal/grind not unlike CATHARSIS or other bands from that scene.
No releases yet but this was their second tour and they have played countless shows in Seattle over the years. This was live at a house show in Long Beach with local L.A. band GALLERY. My batteries died during Gallery's set so no recording of them this time around.

for fans of: Catharsis, Shitlist, Severed Head of State, Iskra.

Live in Long Beach, CA 7/24/09
23 minutes

Monday, June 29, 2009

BARREN - live in Long Beach 6/28/09

BARREN (from Los Angeles) have been pumping out doomy stench crust for quite a few years now with no records released yet. This was recorded live at a house show with Aghast (Richmond, VA) and Mundo Muerto.

for fans of: Forgotten Prophecy, Hellbastard, My Dying Bride, Filth of Mankind.

live in Long Beach, 6/28/09
20 minutes

MUNDO MUERTO - live in Long Beach 6/28/09

From El Monte (east l.a.), MUNDO MUERTO revives the style of 80's spanish and south american punk bands (spanish lyrics too). They have one 7" released this year on a personal label called Que Punk?
I did this recording in the living room at a house show in Long Beach with Aghast (Richmond, VA) and Barren.

for fans of: Eskorbuto, RIP, Colera, Asta Kask.

live in Long Beach, 6/28/09
16 minutes

Sunday, June 21, 2009


THATCHER ON ACID had a different approach to the UK peace punk scene, incorporating elements of folk and pop. This LP is a bit more upbeat than their previous records, but nonetheless great in my book.

for fans of: Political Asylum, Chumbawamba, Blyth Power, Zounds

Frank LP (Agit-Prop, 1991)
1. Sitting
2. Clockwatching
3. Demand Fed
4. Token Green Song/Our Gods Are Falling Down
5. A Day in the Life
6. Put it in
7. Monument to Boredom
8. Turd's Lament/Hell?
9. Slumber
10. Buy Yourself Better
11. Can We Laugh Now?
12. Bad Eggs
13. Functions/Status
14. How About It?
15. 26 Letters

CONCRETE SOX - live in Prague 1991

Great live recording from England's CONCRETE SOX at the legendary klub 007 strahov in Praha/Prague, Czech Republic. This was originally circulated on cassette (and i don't own a copy). There's no tracklist (the mp3s are "side one" and "side two") but the bulk of the songs are from the Sewerside LP.

for fans of: the Accused, Sacrilege, Electro Hippies, Heresy

live 5/20/91 @ klub 007 strahov in prague
47 minutes

AGHAST - live in L.A. 6/12/09

photo by oldhcdude

AGHAST (Richmond, VA) was on a west coast tour in support of their new Suffocating Authority EP. I meant to record Barren also but my bus got me there a little too late. What Shame also cancelled.

for fans of: Life, Confuse, Disorder, Chaos UK, Riistetyt

recorded live 6/12/09 @ the Blvd. cafe (Los Angeles)
26 minutes

NAUSEA (LA) - Who Would Surrender demo

Definitely not the crust punk band from New York. This NAUSEA from Los Angeles plays old school political grind with a punk edge to it. In their early years (1987-94) they released several demos, an LP and a 7". Known mainly for their singer/guitarist Oscar Garcia's vocals in TERRORIZER, they were actually together before Terrorizer and even used parts of Nausea songs Oscar had wrote to complete the recording of World Downfall.
This is their second demo since reuniting in 2001, some tracks later were on a split with Unholy Grave.

for fans of: Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Master.

WHO WOULD SURRENDER? demo (2003) Trance Records
1. Who Would Surrender
2. Condemn Big Business
3. World Left in Confinement
4. Freedom of Religion

APOCALYPSE - discography

APOCALYPSE (from Walnut, CA) were part of a thriving crust scene in the Los Angeles/Orange County area in the late 80's/early 90's which included GLYCINE MAX, CONFRONTATION, ANOTHER DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEM, and A//SOLUTION, to name a few.
This discography CD is still available.

for fans of: Deviated Instinct, Electro Hippies, Crucifix, Glycine Max

Coldbringer CD (Half Life Records, 1998)
1987 DEMO
1. Into the Dark
2. Armageddon
3. Scientific Farc
4. Into the Void
5. War and Hate
6. Intro
7. Disgust
EARTH 7" (Crust Records, 1992)
8. Mother Earth
9. Heart of Man
10. Wimpcore
split 7" with TRANSGRESSION (Desperate Attempt, 1990)
11. Beauty
12. This Sad Face
V/A Maximum Rock N Roll presents "They Don't Get Paid....." (MRR, 1989)
13. Techno Doom
split 7" with MINDROT (Tempest Records, 1991)
14. Unfit Sons
15. Terror Age
16. Instrumental
17. Warhammer
18. Sandpaper Facelift
19. Trail of Tears
20. Into the Dark
21. Coldbringer
22. Let It Go


IN THE WAKE OF THE PLAGUE only did one EP before breaking up, some members are in Desolation and some members are/were founding members of STORMCROW. DESOLATIONhas since released an EP on No Options and a full length LP on Prank Records and still tours.
This came out some time around 2002-3. No cover for this one either, sorry.

tour edition split CD demo limited to 100, No Options 2.5
1. Awake
2. No World Order
3. Myself
4. Song 4
5. Hiding Like Cowards
6. Here We Were Left
7. Evil in Man
8. In the Wake
9. Acrid Smoke of Ruin
10. Children of Enoch
11. Ritual Suicide
12. Beaten Down By Failure
13. Infinite Spiral
14. End Transmission

CHRIST ON PARADE - partial discography

This is a near-complete bootleg discography CD from 1997 of the Bay Area's legendary CHRIST ON PARADE. This is every studio release they did between 1985-89 but there are one or two tracks missing from each release on this disc. So I wouldn't call it a complete discography. No scans, sorry.

for fans of: MDC, Crucifix, Final Conflict.

Sounds of Collection CD
1. Drop Out
2. The Plague
3. Mirror Image
4. Thoughts of War
5. Flash
6. Chaos Breeder
7. No Truth
8. Landlord Song
9. For Your Viewing Pleasure
10. America the Myth
11. Human Laboratory
12. Don't Draft Me
ISN'T LIFE A DREAM? 7" (1986)
13. Let Me Explain
14. What's Love
15. Words
16. Something to Live For
17. Teach Your Children Well
18. Joshua Brown
19. Pressure to Succeed
20. TV Media Mass-Murder Celebrity
21. Nothing to Live For
22. Rock N Roll Armageddon
23. Everyone's Crazy
24. Riding the Flatlands
25. Kill Your Landlord - Stupid Questions Not to Ask
26. Self Serving
27. Dead Meat
28. Lifesucker
29. Old MacDonald's Farm
AVARICE 7" (1988)
30. Final Solution
31. Capitalism Manifesto
32. Psychosomantics
33. $$$

G-ANX - 1986 demo

I used to only know of the four EPs Sweden's G-ANX put out (between 1988-91) which later were compiled on to the collection Flashbacks. This studio demo material is way more raw than later G-ANX, kind of reminds me of the earliest HERESY records. Fast as hell and noisy! When they broke up two members went on to form COUNTERBLAST.

for fans of: Heresy, Mob 47, Protes Bengt, No Security.

18 track studio demo, 1986